Get your adrenaline pumping!

The adventure activities at Skyview Patnitop will give you a unique perspective of the majestic Patnitop hills. From heart-pounding thrills of a zipline and ropeway ride to a refreshing stroll through the vicinity, Skyview Patnitop offers something for everyone.


The first gondola ride in India that soars over tree tops, the ropeway at Skyview Patnitop offers views so stunningly beautiful, you would want to pinch yourself just to ensure it’s not a dream.

ropeway patnitop
zipline at patnitop


A must try for the thrill seeker in you!

tubing sledge

Tubing sledge

Take an exhilarated ride down the mountains on a sledge, all year round!


Learn about Skyview Patnitop and the local culture at our expansive amphitheatre.


Magic carpet

Enjoy the staggeringly beautiful views of the surroundings as the magic carpet – a first in India, takes you up the mountain peak.